Risk Assessment Training Courses

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Act require that all work related tasks that carry an element of risk to a person should have a risk assessment completed. Many managers feel bogged down by such paperwork and therefore the assessments don’t get done or are rarely reviewed.

Often the best person to carry out the risk assessment is the person doing the task itself but they are also often the person who lacks the skills in how to do risk assessments. This course is designed to show staff at any level how risk assessments are completed with a theory session followed by a practical risk assessment workshop.

At Opus we believe that training staff teams how to do risk assessments and allowing them to practice with a tutor present to give on the spot feedback helps organizations and staff to be more effective in the risk assessment process. After attending the course the staff will have an increased awareness of the environment in which they are working and the risks that need assessing.


  • The legislation and law pertaining to risk assessment
  • What are risk assessments?
  • Employee and employer responsibilities
  • Why they are necessary
  • Hazard v Risk
  • How they are completed
  • Tools for completing risk assessments
  • Reviewing and evaluating risk assessments
  • Practical completion of risk assessments

Who is the course aimed at:

  • Anyone who works in a hazardous environment and should be aware of how to complete a risk assessment
  • Anyone with responsibility for completing risk assessments for a department or organisation
  • Anyone who works in a hazardous environment and needs to keep risk assessments reviewed
  • Anyone who needs to complete risk assessments for new staff, new equipment or new tasks.

Further information:

This course is delivered over one day and incorporates a practical workshop. It is delivered at your workplace or a suitable venue nearby for up to 12 people. Companies own paperwork can be used for the practical session; this should be discussed with the tutor prior to the course.