Autism Awareness

Autism is now a widely accepted condition but many staff who work with people with such a disability know very little about it. This course is a basic awareness and is designed mainly for new staff to the Learning Disability sector. It can also be used in a shortened version as a presentation at a conference, seminar or similar.


  • What is Autism
  • Who is affected
  • 9 points of definition
  • Triad of impairments
  • The spectrum
  • Myths about autism
  • Supporting an individual in everyday life

Who is the course aimed at:

  • Anyone who looks after an individual with Autism
  • Anyone in a voluntary organization who has Autistic members
  • Any interested party wanting to gain more knowledge
  • Anyone requiring a speaker to talk about the subject

Further information:

This course is delivered over half a day or can be repeated twice in one day.It is delivered at your workplace or a suitable venue nearby for up to 15 people. A suitable induction session for new staff