Food Hygiene

Preparing and serving food for public consumption has a number of hazards and anyone undertaking such a task is required by law to have knowledge of food safety commensurate to their role.

Anyone handling food of any description is classed as a ‘food handler’ and therefore should be trained in levels of food safety and food hygiene to suit their role.

Opus Training can offer Food Safety training for staff up to Level 2.


  • Legislation
  • Food safety hazards
  • Temperature control
  • Refrigeration, chilling and cold holding
  • Cooking, hot holding and reheating
  • Food handling
  • Principles of safe food storage
  • Cleaning
  • Food premises and equipment

Who is the course aimed at:

  • Anyone who is classed as a ‘food handler’
  • Anyone in a voluntary organization who prepares or cooks food at camps or events
  • Anyone in a restaurant, cafe, pub or similar who prepares, cooks or serves food

Further information:

This course is delivered over one full day.  It is delivered at your workplace or a suitable venue nearby for up to 15 people. This course is accredited through HABC.