Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Following legislation and the General Social Care Councils recommendations every social care employee should receive training in the Protection of Vulnerable Adults in order to understand how and why people abuse others, how to recognize signs and symptoms and the reporting procedures within the place they work. This course is designed to meet all the needs and requirements set by QCC and Skills for Care.


  • Types of abuse
  • Who is a vulnerable adult?
  • Who is an abuser?
  • Recognising abuse: signs & symptoms
  • Guidelines for dealing with abuse
  • Department of Health – ‘No Secrets’
  • Dealing with Disclosure
  • Reporting procedures

This course is aimed at

  • Anyone who looks after an individual classified as ‘vulnerable’
  • Anyone in a voluntary organization who needs to be aware of POVA guidelines
  • Any interested party wanting to gain more knowledge
  • Anyone requiring a speaker to talk about the subject

Further information:

This course is delivered over half a day or can be repeated twice in one day. It is delivered at your workplace or a suitable venue nearby for up to 15 people. A suitable induction session for new staff.

This course can also be extended by 2 hours and include the Protection of Children Act (POCA). Full details can be discussed with organisations where this is required.