Weils Disease

Protecting the employed and volunteer workforce is a mandatory requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Weils disease is a rare but very serious health condition which people with certain roles will be susceptible to.

Raising the individuals awareness of their responsibilities, the symptoms and the things they can do to prevent a risk is one way of meeting the requirements. This short but informative seminar will give the workforce an understanding of the disease.


  • What is it?
  • How is it contracted?
  • What happens – signs and symptoms
  • Who is at risk
  • Protecting yourself from contamination and infection
  • Personal Protective equipment
  • First Aid
  • Reporting and recording procedures

Within this syllabus we discuss:

  • The mandatory responsibility of the employer and employee
  • Risk assessments
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • Food and drink contamination
  • First Aid procedures

The organisation will need to let the trainer have a copy of their current reporting procedures; such as paperwork, specific names of personnel who should be contacted and telephone numbers.

This will then be incorporated into the training pack that the trainees have so all their information is together. This will allow trainees to go away not having to follow up any further information.

The general documentation including the accident reporting procedure and RIDDOR will be included. Should the organisation have any further in house documents they wish trainees to have please supply copies on the day of the training but inform the trainer beforehand.

Should you wish any further information to be added or amendments to the presentation please feel free to discuss this with us at Opus Training